Rigaud, Hyacinthe

   Born in Perpignon, Hyacinthe Rigau y Ros, or Hyacinthe Rigaud, as he is known, settled in Paris in 1681 and, under the guidance of charles le brun, dedicated himself to portrait painting, eventually gaining a success unequaled in that field. The official portraitist of King louis XIV, in 1694 he painted him in his coronation robes and, in 1701, in his robes of state, his best-known work, in which he conveys a convincing image of royal majesty (see page 396). Rigaud had an interest in grand and noble poses that, through expression and costume, portray the social rank of his subjects. The royal courts of Europe, the aristocracy, and the wealthy bourgeoisie all preferred his work, including his large tableaux, which he made with the help of assistants. A master of pomp and ostentation, Rigaud could also show a sense of realism and individuality in his portraits. His style is best shown in his portrait of Young Louis XV, and he shows a more sober approach in his portrait of his mother, Madame Rigaud (1695), which would serve as a model for the sculptor antoine coysevox. Rigaud's works are well represented in the louvre.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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